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About The Book

Jesus is preparing a room for us.
You will love this room and all its surroundings.
There will be no sun because the light from the gold and silver paved streets will lighten the world.


Where is this room he’s preparing for us?

According to the Bible, this room is in heaven because heaven is real and the scriptures tell us that heaven is as real as New York or your hometown.

This is intentionally written as an 84-page booklet but it gives you the answers to all the questions you will want to know about heaven, and specifically what the Bible says about heaven.

You will discover:

  • Will we recognize family and friends? Will we remember our past? Will there be sin?

  • What will we eat and what will our bodies be like? What age will we be?

  • What do you do in heaven-are there jobs in heaven? Is there marriage?

  • Who is in heaven now? How do we get to heaven?

  • When do we go to heaven? Where is heaven?

  • Will I hear about near-death experiences? Is there pain in heaven?

Read this well-researched booklet then share the news with your family and friends. They deserve to know the truth.

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"Fantastic book! I learned so much about heaven I had never heard before and now I look forward to going there."

— TD, Needham, MA

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About The Book

The clock is ticking and the hour is here.
Aren’t you wondering what in the world is going on?
Maybe you’ve heard of the rapture but would like to know more.

You should be wondering why we are witnessing the greatest disasters in history because they are all happening at the same time - volcanoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes, and yes, pandemics – not to mention social unrest, decay of the family, and political animosity. Mark 13:29 tells us "Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that it is near, right at the door." The convergence of these natural disasters and social problems is what’s right at the door.

Scriptures tell us that when these signs converge and all happen in record-setting modes, the world will experience the Rapture of the Church followed by the Tribulation, and the world as we know it will change forever.
The Hour Is Near is a unique booklet for Christians because it's under 100 pages and easy to read, but it also incorporates the very essence of the End Times without superfluous unimportant pages you may find in the larger books.


Here’s the information you’ll receive - written in an easy–to-read-style with bullets and short summaries:

  • Apologetics: Christian Evidence for the Bible

  • End Times and Signs of the Time (including Covid)

  • End Times Prophecy

  • The End Times Revelation

  • The Rapture and Tribulation

  • Armaggeddon and The Second Coming

  • Christian Cults- Beware of False Messiahs

Read this well-researched booklet then share the news with your family and friends. They deserve to know the truth.

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“I liked reading the evidence of the bible before reading about the end times because it strengthened my belief.”

— DL, Santa Clara, CA