About The Book

Parents look for ways to bond with their children.

How unique it is to have a book with Christian values that is also fun.

Kids seem to laugh harder when their peers say something funny.

Would you be interested in having a good laugh while bonding with your child because this book is hilarious and filled with Christian values?

You will certainly have that bonding experience because these questions and letters to God are:

  • True and extremely humorous, charming, and revealing.

  • A  reflection of the perceptions the children have of God and how comfortable they are writing as though they are having a conversation with Him and expecting a response.

  • Complete with responses that also present an ideal bonding opportunity for parents and children with the main objective being to introduce scriptures and Christian values to the children.

  • Replete with an option to submit their own questions or letters to God, and if they do, keep a watch out for the next edition.

Experience the bonding…
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“I liked reading the evidence of the bible before reading about the end times because it strengthened my belief.”

— DL, Santa Clara, CA